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ARMOR Computer Systems is an information technology firm in the Middle East providing the highest quality network service available. Armor, along with an extended family of partner firms, provides customized solutions, project management, systems integration and consulting services, that will solve any problems you may face with you network needs. Your position in the industry can hinge on many factors. Our Consulting Services are designed to maximize the benefits of introducing new technologies, platforms, services or products. They encompass a multidisciplinary approach for evaluating market, technology, financial and other variables that shape your organization's strategic initiatives. With our network expertise, thought leadership in new technologies, and proven competencies in all areas of business case development from regulatory issues and analysis to evolution planning, we are well prepared to create a detailed roadmap for your success. Our consultants will evaluate your business plan, analyze your product or service portfolio, project the financial impact of your plans, and map out management strategies to help maximize performance and profitability. We can also help facilitate the rollout of new product and services, and exploit their full market or internal potential.


Infrastructure References

1. Al Baddad Zone (Head Quarters)

2. Al Baddad Aviation

3. Al Mdena FM

4. Al Mdena Magazine

5. Sushi Restaurant

6. Gloria Jeans Cafe

7. Office One

8. S.W.C.C (K.S.A.)

9. Royal Saudi Air Force (R.S.A.F.)

10. Royal Saudi Air Force Bases


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